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  1. Dear Marketing Specialists !

    If you are interested, look at my new marketing ideas to find Customers.Can you express your expert opinion or give any advice?

    1) Send a newsletter to managers, project managers and their deputies, telling them about the latest construction schemes and project conceptions. Give a link to your web-site and some advertising information with your signature.

    You may offer the latest technologies as well: a drone with round-the-clock monitoring of the construction site.

    Additionally, you may get a commission fee from authors of the resources.

    You may expand the idea, for example, for enterprises.

    2) Consider options for business ideas that may interest customers, investors, and provide them with relevant information. Making the Client impressed, be sure he will apply for your services.

    For example, you can create a Water Park on the Russian side at the Russian-Finnish border. Ruble has significantly fallen against Euro during several years….


    Thank You in advance.

  2. Is any native speaker there among you because I want to improve my English and learn Business in those videos. For the first time I watched the video lesson I found helpful but now it become annoying to hearing the Indian's Accent .