50 Questions To Ask When Designing A Logo

There are various questions you can ask when preparing a logo design. I do NOT suggest you ask a client all of these questions, but it will help you think of a few useful questions that maybe you did not consider earlier. I have divided into 5 sub-categories: company questions, branding questions, design style, target audience and budget & timing.

Company questions

• What is your company/organization/product name?

• What sets your company apart from others?

• What services or products does your company provide?

• Why should I choose your company over the competition?

• How long is your company in business?

• How big is your company?

• What are the strengths and weaknesses of your company?

• Where do you see your company in 5, 10 and 50 years?

• Who is your main competitor?

• Why was your company founded?

• What keeps you motivated to run and stay in the business?


• If you describe your company with a single word, which word would it be and why?

• If your customer describes your company in one word, which word would it be and why?

• Do you currently have a logo?

• How old is your current logo? (If answered yes in the previous question.)

• Are there any elements from your previous logo that you would like to retain? (If answered yes in the previous question.)

• What is the reason for redesigning your logo?

• What is the positioning of your company?

• Does your company have a tagline or slogan that should be incorporated in the logo?

• What do you want your company to be known for?

• What do your customers recognize first when they see your logo?

• Why does your company use this colors, fonts, etc.?

Design preferences

• Which color palettes do you like? why?

• Where will the logo be primarily used?

• Are there any elements you want to have in the logo?

• What defines a well-designed logo in your opinion?

• Which restrictions might there be regarding the logo?

• Which logos do you like and why?

• Which logos do you dislike and why?

• In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of a logo?

• Where would you like to use the logo?

Target audience

• Who is your primary target audience?

• What type of clients currently use your product the most?

• Are you pleased with the range of clients your company serves?

• Are you looking to expand, modify or change your target audience?

• What are your plans for focusing on your target audience?

• What is your main form of advertising?

• How do most clients find out about your company?

• Which gender is most important to you?

• Where do most of your clients live?

• What is the average income level of your target audience?

Budget and timing

• What is your budget for this logo design?

• How many revisions are you planning?

• How many initial concepts do you want to see?

• Do you want to set various deadlines along the design process?

• Do you think there will be any modifications in the future?

• What is the primary reason you chose to work on your logo?

• What is most important for you: quality, speed, or cost?

• Are there any going to be any special events or promotions from which the this design depends?

• Will you be needing any other services?

Did I miss other important questions? Please, share yours.