A Rubber Raincoat is a Long Lasting Promotional Item

Unlike ponchos, a rubber raincoat can function as a long term branding project for a company or business. While thin ponchos are cheap, which make them ideal for certain types of promotions, their value is limited to the weather on any given day at a single event or series of events where you take the ponchos for distribution. By investing in more durable, thicker raincoats, you can participate in a long term branding campaign for only slightly more per unit. Because of this, you will need to make the time to identify the benefits and disadvantages of raincoats versus ponchos and decide which is best for your company.

First, a rubber raincoat can fit a great many different styles, which can be both an advantage and disadvantage. Unlike ponchos, which are designed for wear by both genders, raincoats are typically targeted towards men or women and are sized differently. Ponchos typically come in either one size fits all, or in three or four different sizes. Raincoats can come in many different sizes, be fitted for women, and can be appealing towards those who are concerned about appearances. Unfortunately, this amount of flexibility means that it can be a lot harder to select the styles for your branding project. If in doubt, select a style of raincoat that can be worn comfortably by the highest number of people possible. This will ensure that you spend your money in a way that benefits your business the most.

A common type of rubber raincoat is one that is very similar to a poncho, except thicker and more durable. These are meant to be reused, and tend to come with a pouch that the coat can be stored in once it has been used. This form of rubber is thin compared to other styles of raincoats, but is very popular due to the fact it can be rolled up or folded away. However, many people tend to think of shapeless coats that zipper and require hanging as a true long term raincoat. Models without zippers are available, using a waist belt to stay in place. However, if the coat is not secured correctly, water can leak in through the coat. This is a concern in particularly windy conditions, where the coat will be buffeted and rain driven into the coat and to the clothing underneath. A popular style of raincoat merges the style of a poncho with the durability of rubber and adds a belt so that the coat has the appearance of looking more stylish. These coats can be worn with or without the belt, allowing for it to be used by men or women.

When you place a rubber raincoat order, you will want to pursue bulk purchasing and customization. The customization is what allows you to brand your product through the placement of logos directly onto the raincoat. Printing directly onto the coat is the most expensive option. If you are on a budget, you can order cards inserted into the packaging of the coat rather than directly printed onto the coat. This results in significant saving but less viability as a long term branding solution.