Article Marketing Strategy and Tips

Article Marketing is a favorite of Internet Marketers around the world because it’s relatively straightforward to do. Many Internet Marketers have seen their first sale through article marketing. Let’s go into more detail about how to best utilize this free form of traffic.

Nothing is stopping you from starting Article Writing right now. You can open a Word Document or even Notepad and start writing about your chosen niche. Once you are done with your article, you submit it to what’s called an article directory. One of the most popular article directories is There are literally hundreds of article directories littered throughout the World Wide Web, but this is the most well-known among Internet Marketers.

You can also write within the website itself. You set up an account and once you’re done, you start writing in the provided windows. One of the most important aspects of Article Marketing is the “Bio Box”, where you put the link to a product you’re promoting. It’s your single chance to turn the reader into a visitor and hopefully a customer.

It’s also important to write a relevant heading, preferably one that also catches the reader’s attention. Evoking emotions will make sure that they will respond to your content and read on. If you include the main keyword that you’re trying to focus on, this will also attract readers’ attention. Naturally the body of the article has to be relevant as well. If it’s not relevant to the main topic, it will not be accepted by the article directory. Good article directories like have real people reading your articles, so you have to make sure you adhere to their rules. While deciding the content for your article, you have to decide what purpose are you writing for and your main goal. High quality articles impress the readers while lengthy articles makes them lose their interest in your article and consequently in your business. Article Marketing is predominantly a numbers game in many different ways. Not all of your articles will get a lot of exposure or be read.

Article writing does not necessarily mean that you have to write a paragraph. You can choose various formats depending upon the topic you want to write about. Writing your articles in such a way that the reader feels compelled to check if there are any new articles submitted by you. Choose the content to be displayed carefully and research the internet for quality content. Article marketing is generally a long term strategy for building a customer base.

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