Big Announcement – Free Facebook Ads Course For All Business Owners?!

Big Announcement - Free Facebook Ads Course For All Business Owners?!

❗BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – Free Facebook Ads Course For All Business Owners?!

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I’m launching a new business on the 4th of January 2021!

Why should you care?

If you pre-register now you get access to the FREE Facebook Advertising Course that will teach any business owner how to create Facebook Ads for your business, without the need of a contractor.

For automatic enrolment to the LearnAds Free Facebook Ads course on 4th January 2021, sign up here:

???? Answering a FAQ: Isn’t the concept of LearnAds counterproductive for social media marketing agency (SMMA) owners?

"In any market, there are different customer segments. Not all business owners want to run ads themselves, due to time constraints & lack of interest. No matter how easy we make Facebook ads for business owners, it’ll never take away from the fact there’s a huge portion of business owners who want a done for you service (to work with an agency).

We’re simply catering to all segments within the marketing space. In fact, this new business will act as an evergreen source of done for you leads for both our agency and successful agencies within the Academy, to whom we’ll be giving referrals."

Oh, and existing Academy members get the pro Facebook training for FREE!


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