Branding and Positioning Tip – The C2C Secret – How to Use Twitter For Personal Branding

Twitter is the ultimate social media tool to put your personal branding on steroids. You’re about to discover a remarkable concept that will not just boost your Twitter marketing efforts, but your branding and positioning as well.

To tell you a bit about my background, I was from Ogilvy and Mather. I was an award winning copywriter and creative.

What we learned as creatives at Ogilvy that actually isn’t taught anywhere else outside of the Madison Avenue advertising world is branding, and not just branding on the level that most small business entrepreneurs know. We know branding secrets that cost billions of dollars.

Corporations like Coke and Heineken want to create a stranglehold on the market, so they test and track really specific branding strategies for maximum ROI. I realized that when I apply these branding strategies to my own personal branding and for small business entrepreneurs in general, it becomes a really powerful positioning technique.

This concept is called C2C Branding.

C2C means consumer-to-consumer branding, as opposed to B2B or B2C.

A human being is purchasing from you. You want to create a brand that people can relate to. The small business owner would rather relate to a person as opposed to a giant entity or corporation. You want to make yourself a brand that sticks out in your prospect’s mind as opposed to other people.

The whole point of branding, be it for a small business entrepreneur or a big corporation, is that you want to stand out.

You want to be positioned so differently in your prospect’s mind that when they think of a specific niche, they think of you.

Twitter amplifies your personal brand by building trust and authority among your followers. Your use of Twitter for personal branding will quickly make your business the most dominant in your niche.