Can AI Help You Create Better Content, Faster?

Can AI Help You Create Better Content, Faster?

Do you want to create high-quality blog content, emails and Facebook ads in minutes instead of hours? If so, this new tool may be the solution you need: In this video I’ll show you exactly how it works so you can decide if artificial intelligence can help you with your content marketing!

You already know that content creation isn’t easy.

It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to come up with ideas that are unique, valuable and interesting for your audience.

Creating quality content on a regular basis is one of the most difficult parts of running your own business, online. It’s excruciatingly time consuming, and many entrepreneurs struggle to find ways to write more frequently without sacrificing quality.

Now, AI isn’t capable of writing entire blog posts in the same way as you or an outsourced writer will… But AI will help you streamline the process and create workable drafts, fast.

Improving your process around writing, outlining and drafting blog posts is the path to creating high-quality content in just minutes. Let the AI do the research for you and suggest compelling titles, write engaging introductions, create persuasive bullet points, organize your outlines and more.

By focusing on the PROCESS of blogging and integrating AI technologies, you can save time and create more great content.

For more info on my exact blogging process, watch this video next:

Obviously, you are still required to edit, improve and direct the content, but today’s AI technology is perfect for writing high quality drafts, quickly. This can improve your entire content marketing process saving you time and helping you publish more high quality content, faster!

If you mix this exact tool shown here with my entire "How to write SEO content fast" framework explained here: you have everything you need to create search engine optimized content that your readers and Google will love with less time and effort.

And, as a fun note… The description of this video was created with this exact AI tool I’m showing in the video.

Plus, the outline for my recent "YouTube Marketing" video and many of the bullet points and slide titles came directly from this tool, too!

You can watch that video here:

Give this tool a shot here: and let me know what you think.

Miles Beckler