Career Advice – 7 Steps To Prepare Yourself For A Career In Marketing

Are you looking to start your career in marketing? If you’re a new graduate, self-taught, or looking to change careers, these 7 tips will help you prepare yourself …

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  1. I was sought out online a few days ago for an interview online by a marketing company. In return I scheduled a time for later today. With all the holiday mayhem I didn't get a chance to look into the company that reached out to me. With all the holiday chaos I didn't get a chance to call them for a brief chat. Marketing is totally new to me I've work in the customer service field a little over 10 years and would like a shot at doing this, even though I haven't practiced in almost ten years I'd like a change of pace and for the dramatics I've also come learn that I am unprepared for this job, this interview. As excited as I was doing the research, I looked at my wardrobe and realized I have no professional business attire, no resume paper, no haircut. Ok I'll stop there. Thanks to this video for keeping me motivated instead of kicking myself in the a**. Gonna call them and hopefully I can reschedule the interview.

  2. I really appreciate this video, I was recently approached by a marketing company. I know that I’m able to do the job, I just need it for the in-depth info of the characteristics of the job title itself. They invited me in for an interview, we’ll see how this goes. Thanks again.

  3. I have ADHD and with that comes a lot of creativity, so I think with my creativity that marketing would be a perfect career. Also, I can't wait to dominate the market in marketing!

  4. I truly enjoyed this video! Thank you so much for sharing these tips. It was extremely insightful. The order of the tips, the breakdown… thumbs up! Very helpful. I'm motivated.