Cartoon Logo An Intriguing Affair!

The other day I was going through the newspaper – Just flipping through the pages. Nothing new, a regular routine, or you can say a daily affair. Sometimes I wonder how can reading a newspaper be some sort of leisure activity for someone.

Completely disinterested, I was going through the same old news when something caught my eye……it was a real bright and beautiful business logo. I smiled as I looked at it. It was a beautifully sketched cartoon logo symbolizing a business of a company engaged in graphic design, mascot design, cartoon logo design, stationery design and web design services. It was staring out at me and had a story to tell. One expression was enough to trigger many thoughts and feelings. Feeling of humor – Some sort of a strange attraction to the cartoon character and therefore to the company behind it. I could see through the marketing cleverness behind it but was happy to be led on. I stopped and read through the advertisement, the name of the company and its business. Next, my focus went to the character. I was able to identify that the character was not just an employee but was happy with his company, which made him cherish his job. And, I thought to myself, if he was happy and fun then the company behind it should be professional and capable of keeping their customers happy. I hear you say “But that is no logic” and I agree there was nothing logical here, but just my emotional trail of thoughts – A feeling of positive experience. I am sure you have seen many companies use this in their advertising strategy – Faces of smiling models!

The radiance depicted through the expressions of this cartoon logo was infectious. The next thing I knew was trying to get onto their website to find a bit more about the values and culture of this organization. The one thing I thought of was that it must be a pleasure to use the products of this company. There was something about the cartoon expression that assured me this company must be high in its values, must safeguard the interests of its clients and going the extra mile to satisfy their customers.

Then I started to think about the whole experience created by a simple but funny looking cartoon character. Wearing my marketing hat I thought how different companies could create some sort of cartoon character or a mascot design to convey a compelling message and a positive brand experience. There is always some element of vibrance attached with cartoon logos that inculcates an impulsive inquisition within our minds. Once you look at the expressive features or the glimmer in their eyes, you automatically want to know more. You get transported to another world – Probably to connecting to your inner child, which many of us cherish. More isn’t enough! You now try imagining the character in different poses and expressions.

Cartoon logos are explicit, pleasing as well as magnetic. The best part about them is that they say it all without having to speak! You don’t even need to write taglines or phrases. Their expressions do the trick.

Cartoon logos have always been popular especially if one is dealing with a brand or company that targets children products and services. They are the simplest manner by which one can make a presentation and answer all the questions simultaneously.

Cartoon logos create an unusual sense of inquiry and interest. In order to make an impact you need to give the customers what they want to see and tell them what they want to hear. Cartoon logos are great at this task.

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