Catchy Business Name Ideas – Get 100’s of Killer Ideas Fast!

The two main things you need to think about when choosing catchy business name ideas are that it should convey the main goal of the business and it should also be really easy to remember for your potential clients.

What you are aiming for is that the customer has a set of good emotions every time they hear your business name and this is at the heart of branding. But often this will come from your connection with them over time and not just from hearing the name first off.

One of the best ways to test you’re name choice is to pick three options and then run a few Google ads to see which one get the best click through rate.


1. The first step is to define the clear goals of your business and decide what type of company you are going to be.

2. Now you want to hit the dictionary, search engines, twitter and anywhere else that has a lot of you’re market and make a big list of potential names.

3. You should now cut the list down and make it a mission to speak to as many people as you can and keep a note on which names get the best response. This would be the point at which you might run a Google ad.

4. You need to think about the reaction of people. If you’re are trying to go for a fun business then a little laughter at your name is a good thing, but if you’re opening a funeral directors then this might not be so good.

5. Finally you should make your decision and then don’t think about it for a week or two. If the name is still great when you come back to it this is a sign that you have made a good choice.

Final thoughts.

Finding the perfect name for your business can set you on the path to success and it will be with you a long time so it needs to be right. Don’t just jump in with something that you think is cool because you are different to 99% of your customer base. You need to get a massive cross section of opinions before you jump in, this will save you having to change it in the future.