Clint’s Go-To Range Gear

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0:00 Intro
1:07 Sling (McLean Corp & Magpul MS)
1:54 Ear Pro (Walker Silencer BT)
2:39 Shot Timer (PACT Club Timer III)
3:16 Mag Accessories (Magpul Ranger Plate & SureFeed Mag)
4:22 Speed Loader (Maglula)
5:02 Body Armor (Guard Dog Sheppard Plate Carrier)
5:50 First Aid Kit (Wilder Tactical)
7:41 Ceramic Plates (Guard Dog Level IV)
7:56 Multi-Tool (Gerber)
8:14 Helmet (Guard Dog Level III)
8:25 Mounted Ear Pro (PELTOR)
8:39 Arc Rail Adapter (Hard Head Veterans)
8:49 Night Vision (PVS14 G2)
9:21 Helmet Light (SureFire)
9:39 Battle Belt (High-Speed Gear Ind)
9:51 TACO Pouches (High-Speed Gear Ind)
10:26 Beretta M9A3, Holster 1 (DME) & Leg Shroud (SafariLand QLS)
11:24 Holster 2 (KT Mech)
11:50 Bulletproof Drink Koozie (Premier Body Armor)
12:13 Range Bag (5.11 Tactical LBD)
12:54 Gun Bag (Savior Equipment – Covert Case)
13:58 Daniel Defense MK18 Setup
14:05 American Flag Rail Cover
14:30 Suppressor (SureFire SOCOM556 RC2) & Light (SureFire M600 Scout)
14:41 Laser & NV Emitter (Steiner DBAL)
15:09 Rail Covers (Magpul) & Vertical Grip (TangoDown)
15:36 Optic (EOTECH XPS3-0 & 3x Magnifier) & Sights (Knights Armament Rear Sight, Daniel Defense Front Sight)
15:54 Stock & Grip (B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD)
16:09 Extended Mag Release (ODIN Works) & Trigger (Geissele)
16:17 Ambi Safety (Radian Talon) & Charging Handle (Radian Raptor)
16:27 Colt M4 Setup
16:44 Optics (Trijicon VCOG & RMR, T.Rex Arms Mount)
17:06 Muzzle Device (SureFire WARCOMP) & Rail (Daniel Defense RIS II)
17:16 Vert Grip (TangoDown) & BAD Lever (Magpul)
17:26 Mag Release (ODIN Works) & Trigger (Brigade MFG)
17:42 Ambi Safety (Knights Armament) Charging Handle (Radian Raptor), Stock & Grip (B5 Systems)
17:56 Watch (Garmin Instinct) & Gloves (Magpul Core Breach)
18:19 Eye Pro (Magpul Explorers)
19:04 Win the FN FDE SCAR 17S

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Intro Song: “Issa Trap” by Mikey Geiger