Coronavirus in the Bay Area: what’s going on?

Coronavirus in the Bay Area: what's going on?

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I just came back home from taking a walk in Downtown San Francisco. So what’s happening. Today is the first day when a lot of big companies are working remotely. For example, 10000 Startups, Salesforce employees were asked to work from home starting today for the next couple of weeks. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn did the same.

Regarding the situation in the streets, they look kind of empty, not like a "weekend style" empty, it’s 3X less people. What’s interesting is that I’ve only seen one person wearing a face mask.

There is a lot of panic today because of the market. One of my friends is working for a start-up that needs to raise money and she says that founders are really panicking because they won’t be able to raise money. If you’re in the state deciding whether to raise or not, now is not the best time.

Another friend of mine who’s working for a big corporation here in San Francisco, he needs to recruit a couple of people for his department and he says he had to stop all in-person meetings for the next couple of weeks. He has to do some Zoom interviews which is not really convenient for him. So it is also not the best time to look for a job.

I feel that this is all like a crisis happening because we see stock markets going down, we see flights being contracted by 3% and travel industry is estimated to lose like 1 billion dollars on thisю San Francisco has cancelled a lot of conferences and banned all the events in city-owned facilities.

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2:16 What’s happening on the global market
3:48 Are coronavirus fears being over-hyped?
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5:51 Showing the streets of San Francisco these days
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