Effective Safety Logo Ideas – What Colors and Images Should You Use?

The best part about a logo is that it can communicate with the audience without the use of words.

By only using images and colors, you can send a message across to the viewers.

But what images and colors should you use in a safety symbol?

Below mentioned are some safety logo ideas that will help you craft an emblem that reflect the true essence of your business easily.

• Make The Trademark Compact And Consolidated:

Symbols have a greater impact if they are compact and consolidated. For that, you can add a thick border around the image. To add an interesting touch to the monogram, make sure that you encase your symbol in a circle, a triangle or a shield shape. You can select the surrounding shape according to the target business. For example, traffic safety signs are generally encased in a triangular or circle shape while the educational symbols usually consist of shield-like borders.

• Use Uncomplicated And Minimal Images In The Brand Mark:

A cautionary symbol must be easily understandable and to-the-point. Here, you need to make sure that the images that you craft can be easily understood by everyone.

Have you ever observed a traffic safety symbol?

Although they use minimal images, they are quite easy to understand universally. Whether you reside in Africa or France, you will see the same traffic cautionary signs.

• Use A Giant Cross For Cautionary Signs:

The best way to send the message across is to use big red or black colored cross to caution. This clearly says that the viewer is forbidden to do what the image suggests.

• Use Colors According To Your Target Industry:

It is smart to use colors in your emblem according to your target industry. This way the viewers will find it easier to associate with your emblem. For example, if you are creating a food safety trademark, then you can use red and yellow as prominent colors as the food industry uses the same. These two colors represent energy and happiness, which are the two key marketing elements for a restaurant.

Similarly, if you are creating an internet safety logo, then you can use dark blue, black and red as main colors. These are the colors that are commonly used for online emblems and they look bright and attractive on the computer screen. Red represents energy while black signifies authority. Dark blue signifies dependability and trust. By using the same colors as the business genre, you are making it easy for your company to communicate with the customers.

In conclusion, use the colors and the images in your emblem wisely. Make sure that the colors are according to the target industry. They should be bright and attractive so that the emblem is not easily overlooked. The images should be made compact through thick borders.