Facebook Lead Generation: How to Develop a System That Works

Facebook Lead Generation: How to Develop a System That Works

Wondering how to generate qualified leads with Facebook ads? Looking for a system that works?

Facebook ads expert Emily Hirsh explains how to develop a custom Facebook lead generation system that is unique to your business

Learn why you shouldn’t follow a cookiecutter template that works for others, and how to develop a lead generation system based on your product and ideal customer.

Discover how to approach and nurture your audience so they become buyers, and get tips to determine how many steps your system should incorporate.

Finally, you’ll find out how to best leverage cold and warm custom audiences for effective retargeting with lead generating ads.

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Understanding Your Customer’s Experience
01:35 Tips for Understanding Your Ideal Customer
02:50 Nurturing Your Audience
03:48 Customizing Your Strategy
04:51 Creating a Custom Audience in Facebook

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