Facebook Pixel Setup and Standard Events: Your Comprehensive Guide

Facebook Pixel Setup and Standard Events: Your Comprehensive Guide

Wondering how to set up the Facebook Pixel and standard events on your website? Need help troubleshooting your configuration?

Follow this step-by-step tutorial so you can start getting actionable data to inform your marketing decisions.

See exactly how to install the Facebook pixel base code and Facebook standard events codes across your website and on individual landing or funnel pages.

Learn how to verify that the correct pixel ID is installed, when a secondary pixel might be needed, and how to create a new pixel from scratch.

Plus, get tips to choose the right standard events to track, and discover when to use the events set up tool vs. manually adding the event code.

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00:00 Intro
00:36 What is a Facebook Pixel?
01:00 What You Need to Get Started
01:20 Finding Your Facebook Pixel
02:46 Installing Your Facebook Pixel Manually
04:47 Setting Up Standard Events: Overview
06:18 Standard Events for Landing Pages / Funnel Builders
08:10 Standard Events for Websites Using the Event Setup Tool
10:03 Verifying Proper Installation: Facebook Pixel Helper
11:30 When to Use the Event Setup Tool

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