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  • 3 Tricks that will save you a lot of time as an entrepreneur when searching on Google, LinkedIn, and Gmail

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  • Mateo

    September 29, 2021 at 10:28 am

    I’ve seen a lot of posts in here to help other entrepreneurs become more productive. Today, I’m sharing this post with 3 tricks you can use to make your days a lot easier too: Google: Find open spreadsheets with data on anything you want With Google search operators you can do anything from market analysis, prospecting people on LinkedIn, finding investors, retrieving fundraising news, finding emails, etc. But when it comes to spreadsheets, there’s a simple trick you can use on your Google searches to find all the openly available spreadsheets out there. So simple that the only thing you need to do is write the following syntax in your google search: intitle:[anything you want] For example, if you type companies hiring remotely , you’ll immediately find open spreadsheets with more than 900 companies hiring remotely in 2021. More use cases here if you want to explore this further. LinkedIn: Filter profile searches with accurate title filters Many people don’t know that LinkedIn boolean search operators exist. But they do! And you can use it on most keyword filters such as title, company, school, etc. Of all the combinations and use cases, there’s one I end up using time and time again. It allows you to filters titles based on seniority and job function, using the operators, this is how it looks like: (“job function 1” OR “job function 2”) AND (“seniority 1” OR “seniority 2” OR “seniority 3”) In more concrete terms, here’s a practical example: (“marketing” OR “sales”) AND (“Vice President” OR “Director” OR “Head”) This example will give you all the VPs, Directors, and Heads of marketing ans sales departments. If you were not using these operators, you would have to run 6 different searches to achieve the same result! I fully explain how these operators work and provide plenty of other examples on this quick guide, feel free to check it and ask any questions you may have. Gmail: Filter emails in your inbox that need a follow up Gmail also has relevant operators that make your life easier when browsing through an inbox full of emails every day. If you’re dealing with emails from customers every day, this advanced search will help you make sure that any potential customer you sent an email doesn’t fall through the cracks. Just type: in:sent older_than:3d This will search for all the emails you sent more than 3 days ago. You can then easily scroll through the ones that you didn’t receive a reply back from the prospect. And follow up accordingly! ————– Hope you got a lot of inspiration from this post. If you have other cool use cases for these operators, feel free to leave them in the comments. Any questions? Happy to help! – by /hq/mgdo – –

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