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  • A story I made to tie to let people know Im remaking me 2e character in 5e

     Arianna updated 1 year, 10 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Arianna

    January 10, 2021 at 11:33 pm

    A busy tavern in a small village is crowed with the voices of commanders telling tells of adventures and of the work day. Suddenly a group of thugs walk in causing the tavern to go silent the only sound is the heavy boots of the thugs going to the bar. The leader pulls a knife demanding free food drinks and boos from the bar keep. The other members move across the bar brandishing weapons and demanding gold and services from some unlucky female patrons.

    When suddenly the sound a figure steps into the tavern wearing a dark black cloak and dirty black dragon armor a leather bondilar across the armor that is lined with viles and flash of different liquids a pouch at his belt and a red bottle by his hip a long sword on his back and a shield fasioned from a dragon skull. The thugs look at him confused "oi fuck off less you want trouble." The figure chuckles. "Who's to say I don't like trouble" the leader snarls "funny man ey how bout I show you something funny." The figure removes its hood to revel a man with a dark green mohawk and green eyes sporting a half smirk. "You can certainly try"

    "GET EM!" screams the thug leader as his goonies charge. The figure drawls his sword off his back and moves swiftly striking the first one with the power of of a angry black dragon slicing his arm from his body causing an anginizing scream to escape the thugs lips. The second one manages to strike a hefty hit on him in the stomach causing a gasp to escape. His gasp turns into a hardy laugh fallowed by a bash with his sheld and following with a swift strike across the chest of the thug. The third one kicks over a table and takes aim with his crossbow. The figure turns to him picking off a flask and tossing it to the table causing a fire to engulf the table and the thug. The forth one tries to run up on him but is met with a vile of acid to the face causing an screetch of pain and then a sword through the chest.

    The leader grabs the bar keep and holds him hostage "alright listen up. Put em weapons down or I'll spill tis ones ineers on the floor." The figure drops his sword and shield slowly reaching into its back. "Alright relax you'll be with your gang soon he's innocent he doesn't deserve to die." The thug laughs "ain't nobody innocent anymore mate were all guilty of something me you even the children. Well all pay for our sins." The figure pulls out a boomerang and throws it missing the thug leader. The leader laughs "what in the bloody hell was th-" he is cut off by the return of the boomerang hitting him in the bag of the head moving him forward into the blade of the longsword. As the leader comes to his knees the figure looks down to meet the look of the figure. "Who…who are you…" He coughs blood the figure kneels down to his level and pulls his blade from the chest. The figure picks up his sheld and and puts his sword back. "Hey you…you saved me what's your name. I would like to write it down so I can remember you when you come through again." The figure stops "my name is sir ghoul it's spelt sir…and then ghoul" the figure picks up a drink off a table and walks out into the night.

    Sir ghoul building coming soon (If interested)

    – /u/Zombiegamer1916 to -DnD

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