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  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Emails for Lead Generation

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  • Arianna

    October 29, 2021 at 1:08 am

    Typical lead generation emails have the CTA button, which takes you to a landing page where you fill a couple of more fields and submit. It has served well but there is always room for something better. AMP can make that all happen within the email. Like a micro app within your email that is interactive. The user fills the fields and submits without a navigation click. We all know the drop that happens from email open to lead capture. Also, a byproduct; this gives you a clue to human user email open v/s the world of IOS 15 where you are blind now. Yes, AMP has been around for a few years but using them has not been easy. That’s changing now, given the privacy walls around email open rates. I am getting ready to launch this as a platform for lead generation and would like to offer some ready templates for popular use cases. So, here are a few examples to get started, and would appreciate your inputs. + New letter sign up of course. Simplest of the use cases. + Appointment Booking. Think Calendly inside email and not a link to page. + Product Review / Question. i.e. make your news letter interactive + Customer Survery / Feedback + Dynamic Discount Coupons, My favourite to add a scratch coupon like uncertainty and may be a little interaction to make them feel like they earned it. + Renewal Reminders & confirmation – insurance, utilities bills that have periodic payments and need consent. You get the gist. So, what’s the top use case for your business or clients? Drop a comment and I will try to include them as part of the beta launch. If you like any by others upvote so that we know which goes first. Can be almost anything that has a single page CTA. I have a beta pilot in mind for you as well if the mods are ok. – by /hq/linkdra – –

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