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  • Advice for a webapp with database

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  • BusinessMag

    March 17, 2020 at 10:26 am

    Hi to all, In these day I must stay at home..and beside playing videgames I like to learn. So I had an idea but I need some starting point advice. So, i want to create a web app,that I will host in some domain, that for now will be accessible only by me. Basically I want to build a webapp connected to a database and save and display things. Basically, my questions are (starting by the assumption that php mysql and HTML are not new to me) * should I simply build the interface with a framework with mobile first in mind? Or should I use a framework for webapp? (I want the app to be accessible either on mobile and browser ) * other than mysql should I consider some other database method (maybe store data in some other files o system)? And…well I don’t know im open to learn from your advice. Again webapp that can be accessible via desktop browser,that can read and edit a database. If I like the project I want to export these data to text and in the next next next next future retrive data from online service that have public api. Thanks – by /hq/Psygnosi – –

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