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  • All-in-one CRM or specialised SaaS applications?

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  • David

    October 28, 2019 at 4:32 am

    TLDR: What are your thoughts on using an all-in-one CRM versus specialised applications for each need in a business? I work in a B2B company, and we rely heavily on our ERP system. We also have a CRM that works as a contact list, customer support system and a newsletter platform. Sales are done directly in the ERP, because our CRM doesn’t meet our sals reps needs, so they have to do it all in our ERP. My problem with this is that I feel like we’re using tools that are not really up to date. The CRM’s newsletter platform for example feels very old and lacks basic functionality like bounce rate and how many unsubscribes there were on a campaign. The same goes for our customer support system in the CRM. It’s OK, but lacks the updated functionality that I see from ZenDesk and similar. Of course I’d like a omni-channel 360 view on our customers, and I guess a single CRM tries to do just that, but to me I feel like the tools to make that happen are heavily compromising functionality. How do you handle this? And what are your experiences? I’ve seen more examples of companies using a shared data platform, combining data from different sources, and in that way giving marketers and sales reps a 360 view of the custom that way. But I have no idea how they do it in terms of tools and technology. – by hq overview skyggespill – –

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