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  • Am I doing web dev correctly?

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  • Maverick

    October 28, 2019 at 9:47 pm

    I’ve been working as a full stack developer for 6 months now, mainly using LAMP and Vue + Express. I’m very familiar with the backend, SQL, and all the MVC stuff for our apps, but I still don’t know if I’m doing front end stuff correctly. When I get asked to do a feature, I first look at Bootstrap components or Vue Bootstrap Material to figure out which component would be the best for that feature, I copy paste that component into the phtml/html, and then I play around with CSS in the elements tab in chrome, googling stuff until it looks nice. Then I add listeners/all that backend stuff… Is this supposed to be the way to do front end web development? I quote from this thread https://www.hq Bare HTML is like buying a cow, milking it, pasteurizing the milk, and curing it into a wheel of parmesan cheese. Ember and Vue are like buying a wedge of parmesan React is like buying pre shredded parmesan Something like Squarespace is buying spaghetti with parmesan sprinkled on it at a restaurant. and I’m really not sure if I’m writing bare HTML or doing my job efficiently anymore… – by hq overview NoAlarmsAndNo – –

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