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  • Am I entering a too crowded space?

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  • David

    July 16, 2019 at 2:01 pm

    Hey guys, so I’m currently a second year uni student and I’ve been working on this project that I’m currently looking to turn into a proper business. The fact that I’m a student is important as this means this isn’t full time for me, which will be important soon… I’ve had positive feedback from potential clients, but my fear is that I’ve just undertaken a humungous task in a very crowded space…let me explain. So what I’m working on is a self-service kiosk web app that restaurants can cheaply implement into their current payment systems. The idea is: customers enter the restaurant, scan a qr code in the restaurant, and the entire menu and a self service kiosk basically opens up as a website on their phone so they don’t have to install any new apps, and allows smaller restaurants get self service kiosks for a very low cost as no physical hardware is needed. However, I realized quickly that I would have to either 1. Integrate with current POS software on the market or, 2. Completely create my own POS software to go along with this, which is extremely difficult to get right and a crowded space. However, I’m not sure how integration would even work and if current POS systems allow external parties to access features. The online self service kiosk idea is gaining traction as most restaurant owners want one but can’t due to high costs, however I’m not sure if they expect a new POS as well as I’m afraid they’ll be deterred by the idea of having to install a new POS in their stores. Edit: thanks for all the tips! Appreciate it as a first timer haha submitted by /u/bigDATAbig [link] [comments]

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