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  • Am I too slow?

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  • Christine

    October 28, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    Hi everyone! I am a senior cs student. Last summer i had free time, and i had a lot of business ideas. I chose one of them and started working on the idea in the beginning of July. It was a web app aiming anyone playing football as a hobby. Whoever I talked, I got always positive feedbacks even some of them excited with the idea there is someone doing it finally. However when it comes to build app, i got too slow. I haven’t involved in a web app project before as neither backend nor frontend developer. I was in backend team in the last company i worked part time, but i did deep learning works not the web actually. First thing I bought courses from udemy and started studying. Four different comprehensive courses, took a month to finish almost. When it comes to August, i started actually working on the project but i felt too slow since i always ended up googling how to’s. Besides i spent a lot of time on colors, grid layouts, botton shapes, etc. that i shouldn’t. (i did write frontend again with a new ui framework after i finish this one, lol). I wanted to have MVP before the semester starts, but i am not even close to that, after a month the date semester started. I have implemented basic login register functionality for both user and facilities and the basic functionality required for reservation process(for football pitches). There is also a minimal profile page and basic security settings. It still lacks fundamental features I was planning to add such as match management and team management. And yet last week, i was too irritated by my landing page speed I changed it tenth time, which is obviously an unnecessary work but i couldn’t help myself. I want to open it to small set of user in a small city to test it, but now i have very strict schedule(school&part time work) and cannot find time to finish those fundamental features. Am I too slow? I had read a lot of comments here stating 2 month is more than enough to produce MVP. After 2,5 months full time and 1,5 months part time working on the project i still have a very minimal, buggy(gui bugs) web app. Can anyone suggest me a way to be faster? – by hq overview bekicaga – –

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