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  • Margaret

    January 17, 2020 at 9:17 am

    As always for my line of business it’s always a dry January so I’m always thinking of little ways to bring in extra cash. This latest one has done really well and it’s nice and simple. I run a local business network with over 120 businesses. Advertising is all online but I’ve wanted to venture out for a while. I decided to try and rent a bus stop advertising space and put all of my Members on there as kind of an a to z of services in the area. Although it’s a good concept , how was it going to be paid for ? Basically I created a design where on the left side there are 7 25cm X 25cm mini advertisements that I sold for a fairly small amount to be placed on this bus stop for a month in a place where lots of people walk. Then in the middle there are all the listings from a to z. It will have a lot of information on there but it could work really well. Anyway when I announced that these were available yesterday it was so busy that I’ve now ordered 2 stops and more spaces are being filled. I’m looking to do the same thing in other places now but instead of having a to z list I’ll add more smaller ads. So maybe 15 mini ads which will be cheap for the business to try out and will cover the costs plus make me a little profit. Just waiting to see if the first one actually works. Hope you found this interesting – by /hq/officeways – –

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