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  • Anyone knows any well-structured tutorial series that teach how WP works under the hood?

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  • Deborah

    September 11, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    So, I was trying to code my own custom sign up and log in pages, and despite the fact that WordPress has been around for a long time, I found the WordPress tutorial scene quite lacking, surprisingly. The tutorials which I was able to find were neither outdated, nor they were like one of those tutorials where you’re supposed to be copying and pasting code without understanding how the functions work under the hood. To be honest, the scene feels like almost the whole CMS is dependant on plugins and if you want to learn something from scratch instead of using plugins, you’ll spend unnecessary amount of time to find a tutorial where things are explained properly or at least given references to. I find Codex pages extremely useful, but when it comes to wrap all the info that I learned from there all together and execute the code, that’s where things get messy and hard to keep track of. While scratching the surface of WordPress, on the other hand I was learning PHP, and I could say that it was helpful. The only thing is, when it comes to write things in WP environment, I seem to have a hard time finding a properly documented roadmap, if it makes sense? So my question is that, do you know any documentation or video/etc tutorial series that dive into the WP’s environment, and after covering basic topics, from there goes and teach advanced stuff? – by hq overview Imightberobot – –

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