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  • Christine

    October 26, 2019 at 1:03 pm check it out if you want, any feedback is helpful:=) Problem I have been moving around a lot recently and it took me by surprise how hard is to engage and create a community of friends and acquaintances as I had in my native country. I consider myself to be really social but there are certainly adapting issues when you move around. I was in need of being more social and hang out more. I tried to use Meetup and Tinder but the first one was oriented a lot into workshop kinda events an more formal or practical events and Tinder was more 1 to 1 basis so I decided to try to make a new app based in small random and informal events with locals from the place you are staying Solution I was thinking of a “AirBnb” kinda app, that would allow you to post events or hang outs (activities, place and time) in a Feed where people can choose to assist to the event in a simple process. The “hang-outs” would be simple activities that you choose, like shopping, going to the gym, having a small diner or a cinema night in a rooftop, the activity is up to you to decide, the app would have basic categories but you could create a new one. the idea is to take you offline in an online way. It would be a simple app and with a basic profile, a post_event fuction and the Feed where you can search according to key words and places an example would be “We are making a big lasagna and you guys are invited (up to 6 people) in ****, Ohio at **:**” then you could press “assist” and chat with the group that is going to assist. Landing page You could check our website and our concept here at AGORA Feedback I would like to ask for help about the concept idea, the way the app works and any help about monetizing it even thou Its not in my plans for an early way to make money, I feel really lost at this point. Also If you want to help the project in any way, you can do it, I am working on it alone and I am not in any way an expert or rich in order for the project to be bulletproof so any kind of help would be appreciated it. – by hq overview erik270998 – –

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