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  • Are e-signatures actually useful? Where is a bad side ?

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  • Margaret

    November 28, 2019 at 11:04 am

    I personally think e-signatures are not just useful, they’re a necessary part of the modern world. It’s hard to be a business owner, a freelancer, basically a human being in the 21st century and not deal with e-signatures because they’re everywhere. But do they have some negative effect on the market or mess up customer relationship in any way ? If we talk pluses. The most useful feature is the fact that they’re fast, convenient and secure, most governments allow them with no problem, they’re legally binding, secure and drastically reduce the paper consumption. I can’t really think of any drawbacks. We use e-signatures in our team on a daily basis, signing new contracts, various agreements, no one have to leave office to deliver documents, there’s no faxing either. E-signatures are an incredible time-saver and both small and large businesses benefit from them. It’s kind of hard to select the right app, though. There are quite a few good ones out there that aren’t terribly expensive and deliver on many levels. I personally like DocuSign, PandaDoc and DottedSign. I’ve used all three, recommended them to my friends/acquaintances and although they’re not perfect, each is pretty good in their own way. The selection mostly depends on what you need e-signatures for, whether for personal use or for your company. At the moment I’m using DottedSign because I like how inexpensive it is compared to the other software and I still get plenty of tools and features. If you’re looking for a e-signature app, I recommend thoroughly checking the reviews before committing to something, and doing the free trials to get the feel of the app. Do the research and then you’re golden. – by /hq/kelleygoodwin02 – –

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