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  • Are there any platforms to track partnership interaction?

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  • Christine

    October 28, 2019 at 8:03 am

    I have around 10 different partners(accounts) and I’m using outlook to keep track of them and it’s very inefficient to say the least. I am looking for a solution to track each partner and organize what I need to do for each. I tried Trello and Asana and they don’t seem to fit what I want to do. These aren’t projects with deadlines but managing people and tracking issues. Id like to be able to write notes of email communication, have a way to flag issues with a follow-up reminder, and see easily what my current status is with each account/partner. Most importantly, I need it to keep a running record of what I’ve done so that I can refer to it in the future if need be. Is there something like that out there? Asana and Trello seem close to what I’m looking for but they are geared toward project management on teams. – by hq overview rkdghdfo – –

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