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  • Being a founder can destroy your cv and mental health

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  • Margaret

    June 23, 2022 at 9:18 am

    Founded 2 failed companies (first at 21), lost 6 years of my life, now im here at late 20s with no money/university degree and strong depression. When i was 20 i already worked in banking and was really good at my economics study. I stopped university to found my first start up in a very naive way. Had success, made a lot of money and founded the second business. 1 year ago both went downhill, and since then i am stuck in massive depression (also covid time was brutal). During the last weeks i finally got back on my feet and found the power to move up again. Now at my age and a good~above average iq, i will need to get a call center or delivery job to get back on track. If you start a business, please be aware of the risks and dont be naive/stupid to burn all bridges. – by /hq/RepresentativeTry227 – –

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