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  • Being laid off because my company is out of money (Quebec, Canada)

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  • Jessica

    September 30, 2021 at 9:43 am

    The small startup I started working with just over a year ago is cutting nearly all staff. I manage the Customer Success department, but I’m monolingual, and my subordinate is bilingual and is paid considerably less, so he’s the obvious choice to keep on. They gave me 2 weeks notice, verbally. Am I within my rights to ask for anything beyond my final pay and remaining vacation? I have no equity in the company. It was being discussed, but it didn’t happen in time… We were trying to get funding from a VC group, who basically bled us for 9 months, tying us up with meetings and asking for reports, etc, but they also added a clause that for those months, we couldn’t seek funding elsewhere. Needless to say, they changed their terms at the last minute, to some very unfair shit, and my CEO turned down the offer. He started looking for funding again, but has been unsuccessful. Our previous investors have now backed out as well. They’ll keep the company on life support for a little longer, but a requirement is to cut 80% of the already small team. We’ve lost 2 developers, the CTO, myself, 2 sales people, and the office. Anyone interested in hiring an experienced Success Manager with more than a dozen years of luxury hospitality management as well? I’ve built 2 Support departments and 2 Success departments from the ground up. My clients are VERY well taken care of. – by /hq/0pp0site0fbatman – –

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