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  • Benefits of paid search marketing on Google for your business : digistrategixpune

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  • Arianna

    February 13, 2020 at 2:52 am

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    In this digital age, a large number of consumers turn to the internet for getting information, reading reviews and then ultimately buying the best product. Hence, it has become extremely crucial to ensure that your business is easy to find online. Your product or service may be the most amazing one, but if it is not easily visible online, then it is difficult to attract the right customers.

    Well, thanks to digital marketing, there are many ways to give your business the branding and exposure that is necessary for its success and for it to stand out amongst the sea of competitors. One great strategy that is essential for online marketing is Paid Search Marketing, which is a part of search engine marketing.

    Paid search marketing, also known as pay per click marketing or PPC marketing, ensures that your business gets a spot on the first page of Google results and directs the probable customers to your website.

    Paid search marketing works on the principle of paying depending on the number of clicks you get from the search engine. The keywords you use determine how often your ad shows up on the search engine.

    Here are some benefits of using paid search marketing on Google-

    1. They are budget-friendly

    Although you pay the search engine depending on the number of clicks you receive, it is still quite economical. This is ideal for businesses that have a limited budget. The best part is that you can set your upper limit and the search engines won’t go beyond that.

    2. PPC ads produce quick results

    Getting organic traffic through search engine optimization is quite time consuming. It takes long before you see the results even if your content is highly optimized, whereas, PPC ads can get immediate traffic to your website. Thus, it can serve as a great complimentary tactic along with your SEO efforts.

    3. They help to generate more relevant leads

    The keywords that you use decide the kind of traffic you get. When you use keywords that are most likely to be used by consumers while searching for a specific product or service, it can enhance the flow of relevant leads. PPC ads strategically target those customers that will be interested in your brand.

    4. They provide measurable results

    It is easy to measure the results obtained from PPC ads. You can clearly control all aspects of your campaign such as the number of clicks, the cost per click and also how many clicks are getting converted to sales. This can help you understand which keywords work and which don’t, thereby helping you to devise better content. It can help you make better use of your budget.

    5. Paid search advertising helps in brand recognition

    Paid search marketing on Google can help to increase your brand recognition over a period of time. The users may not click on the ad when it appears in their results page. But, whenever they search for related keywords, your ad will be displayed and this will enable them to associate more with your brand, which in turn will increase the sales.

    6. It is great for local marketing

    Local and small businesses generally target local customers. PPC ads are really useful for this. When consumers search for shops or services nearby, they will be directed to your ad, which can have links to your address or contact numbers. This will increase the chance of them choosing your brand.

    Google is a great search engine to market your brand. It is used by almost everyone and is very user-friendly. Thus, it is a great strategy to use it for your Paid Search Marketing campaign.

    As a digital marketing company in Pune, we at Digi Strategix are committed to help you devise a strategy which best suits your business and budget. If you are convinced about paid search marketing, a PPC company in Pune like ours will help you grow your business by manifold.

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