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  • Best practices for one forum shared amongst a few website’s domain .COMs?

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  • Maverick

    October 26, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    I run a spinal cord injury physical therapy site and I have a vBulletin. I was just asked to partner with another Spinal Cord Injury site and a Neuro disease website. They’d like me to moderate a forum and find a way to integrate it between all 3 companies. What should I do here? I would like to ask some suggestions about this. I’m currently running vBulletin and just about to install Discourse and see if that would suite us all better being that it doesn’t require a $279.00 vBulletin license (give or take a few bucks, I think that’s their cost). I’ve been out of the industry for a hot minute so I thought I’d ask you guys that are much more in tune with what the industry best practice may be for this. Essentially I’d like to share the forum db across all 3 websites to allow each site to have independent installations but I’m not sure if this would create a duplicate content problem with google or if this is even something that could be done. Or maybe one forum and CNAME each site to the main forum’s URL and dynamically pull a different .CSS to accommodate each site’s logo/color theme maybe. Just spitballing here. Thanks! – by hq overview d0tsun7 – –

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