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  • Best URL structure for e-commerce shop + subdomain knowledge base app?

  • Jacob

    September 11, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    We’re worried this inbound marketing oriented e-commerce website will launch with a failed URL structure due to the technical needs of a cloud-based knowledge base app. E-commerce website: Long form content: Cloud-based help desk: Additional Info: E-commerce website with 5k+ products 500 indexed products with unique descriptions Noindexed 4.5k products with plan to write unique descriptions every week and index Question and Answer on product pages Regular release of long form content in blog Regular release of shorter knowledge base content – Glossary, Q&A to specific questions can sometimes get long, help desk questions customers ask we add easily via app. Our assumptions about what will rank: Product pages with Q&A and unique descriptions Long-form blog pages Knowledge base pages So either we: Abandon the knowledge base app and create our own – Everything under one domain but no cool app Product pages and long form pages on root domain, knowledge base pages on subdomain – Most of the content on root but split Product pages on root domain, long form and knowledge base pages on subdomain – Content split between root and subdomain, especially once there are thousands of unique desc product pages Thoughts? – by hq overview slapmeagain – –

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