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  • Best way to utilize real estate basement in cityCentre?

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  • Luna

    November 30, 2019 at 5:59 am

    l, Hope you are well. I’m looking for best ways to utilize my parents real estate basement and few flats. FYI two flats will convert to airbnB houses as its profitable in my area. However there is like a 100m2 of basement space thats completely not being used. I probably could utilize anywhere from 30 to 50m2 for a business/lending services. Except ive got no clue how to find such a niche. F.e. a dentistry office is too expensive for hygiene requirements. Storage – don’t think its profitablr enough. Massage parlour – maybe? Beauty salon – uncertain. Hotdesks? – there are windows but Im sur hotdesks need more sunlight. Hostel – too loud not enough space I presume. The property has its own yard and its located in the city centre, based in east/north europe seconf largest city approx 300-400k population with a growing economy everyday(IT sector particularly). Any idea…? I taking a loan for such thing between 20-40k. Labour and parts is still at reasonable price. – by /hq/bitcoin-wiz – –

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