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  • Margaret

    October 27, 2021 at 7:33 pm

    I’m currently working on a project that involves a platform that lets you track biomarkers from bloodwork to create your own personalized reference range that can be compared to overtime to help people achieve their wellness goals. Also to help with identifying potential health risks based on the tested blood biomarkers so people can take action now if they notice something. I am in Canada, so there are several challenges such as getting blood work without a doctor’s requisition. Similar services are available in other countries where it’s easier to get blood work done but it annoys me that it is so restrictive in Canada. Most people I have spoken to are unaware of the benefits of getting regular blood work done. So it is hard to determine which customers to target. I made a google form for trying to narrow down potential customers. If you are from Canada I would really appreciate anyone who could answer a few questions ( I am also interested if anyone has some suggestions on solution testing for determining if people would actually be interested in this kind of service and any other input on this idea. I did a few interviews and found out that the people have never considered this kind of thing but after it was explained they were interested in how it could be used for prevention and identifying or monitoring if medications or supplements are having their desired effects. – by /hq/Konstantin495 – –

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