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  • Charles

    October 26, 2019 at 6:33 pm

    My husband and I owned a licensed home bakery for several years. We were successful in that we kept a roof over hour heads, food on the table and didn’t end up in debt because of it. Eventually we went back to our 9 to 5s. The money is steady, which is great, but we miss being small business owners. We’re trying to think about what we might do in the future but better this time around. What didn’t work: We were always bogged down with permitting, inspections, the hours baking requires, a small profit margin and the biggest hindrance of all, a perishable item. What worked: We worked very well together and made a great team. We had a passion for the one on one connection with customers via farmers markets, festivals and fairs. What we already know to do differently: This time around we’d have a better functioning web presence so online sales will be in conjunction with in person sales. Absolutely no perishable items. Better handle on understanding our costs. What we need: Some ideas to start researching. Just help brainstorming. I’ve thought about on demand customization of items. I’ve thought of selling all locally made items. I live on Cape Cod and we have an abundance of tourists. My husband has thought about custom fishing lures. We hunt and fish so we know this market some but I personally feel this might be too niche. So, all ideas are welcome! – by hq overview LittleBowCreep32 – –

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