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  • Jessica

    November 19, 2020 at 12:00 am

    Hey guys, I have a university project in which I’m supposed to conduct business consultations with potential customers and with entrepreneurs/businessperson. My business idea is centered around eco friendly/sustainable fashion. So I was thinking why not have an organization where we do manufacture eco-concisious clothes simultaneously also collab with other brands. And when I say othrr brands I mean targeting the lower brands like h&m, mid way brands like zara and higher end brands like lv or supreme. And we try to target the entire market from the lower end to the higher end. Because this is supposed to eco-conscious we have make it reasonable but at the same time good quality. During the customer consultations you should present your original business idea. How does the consumer satisfy these needs now? How often do they purchase, where, what purchase criteria do they use? How much do they spend, how satisfied are they currently? Does your business idea offer added value? How much (i.e. what is the consumer willing to pay for it? Does it seem realistic? What changes could enhance its value? How strong is their interest? The businessperson consultations should be used to obtain their perspective (potential suppliers, distributors and competitors all represent good interview candidates). The consultation should focus less on the product itself (don’t ask them the same questions as the consumers) and more on the broader issues facing you as an entrepreneur (for example: what are the key challenges facing you (i.e. the student) with respect to your business startup, business operations and overall business viability? what advice does the entrepreneur offer in addressing them?). The feed back obtained from the consultations should serve as the basis for preparing the main section of the report. Thank you so much in advance for your responses. 🙂 – by /hq/rick5437 – –

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