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  • Business model Pivot or Not? Change from App to Web?

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  • Jessica

    October 28, 2021 at 11:33 am

    Sorry for the long post but any help would be great. I have an app that currently has a subscription model. The conversion rates are pretty good and average for everything until the payment comes in. The app is simply a place for people to create an “in case of the death” folder for their loved ones. This includes personalized messages, legal documents, insurance, bank account information, etc. Not sure if it matters but the app is on both app stores but 98% of downloads are android (because of easier and cheaper marketing). The flow is simple: (1) Download and Open app (2) Login with Phone number (3) Create Folder ( just information) (4) Pay I have a great conversion rate up until pay, where it drops 95+% and then after trial or promo (testing both), I have near 0 retention. The biggest feedback I am receiving is “Feel like it should be free” or “I would do a one-time payment but not forever”. This is where I am thinking about changing the business model. The second biggest feedback is “You aren’t presenting the app great” or “I need to be sold once I log in, but you just have a button to create a folder”. I am doing a bit of redesign to make it nicer and more walkthroughable, and also adding in a marketing-type flair for first login users. All data is stored in the cloud, so I have monthly costs, and I’m bootstrapped so I can’t afford a free product for 1,000s of people. ​ First question is should I be so quick to change my business model? Should I apply other comments I have received first but keep the same model? At what point do I know to change the business model? ​ Second, this is an app, so marketing, privacy, and maintenance are harder – should I push a web version and market that (I understand it to be much cheaper?)? I started the web version, but then got caught up in the app so I never completed it 100%. If I do should I focus just on web? or on both? ​ Third, What should I change the business model to? I know there is a be thing of freemium in apps and SaaS in general. Should I do freemium? Ads? Combo? Where do you think is a good line for a freemium model? (Initial thoughts are. (1) no video, pics, or docs unless premium so only typed is free OR (2) cloud storage, but then I need to build out a system for people to keep encrypted files on their device until person death and then key shared from our server, OR (3) make categories like “dying message”, legal docs, insurance, etc 8-10 of them, and keep all but 1 or 2 of them locked) Also ads would be targeted, like if they never add a will targeted ad for an estate attorney, no insurance added then targeted ad to life insurance, etc. and then get paid affliate marketing wise. I can do a combo of most models? What are your guys thoughts and advice? Any thoughts and comments are really appreciated. I am kind of freaking out so this would be great. I’ll edit in any information if I see anyone ask anything. Thanks in advance. P.S: Trying to include all the information I can, without self promotion, so not using any buzzwords or anything -only what is necessary. – by /hq/KingKush8 – –

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