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  • Can anyone even make a case for TypeScript in webdev?

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  • BusinessMag

    January 17, 2020 at 5:32 pm

    I see this a lot, people pushing TypeScript in webdev / front, back end work. I don’t see it. Why the hell do I need type checking in my code? It’s getting on my nerve a bit, narratives being pushed without being based on anything solid. I get it, people like to experiment, add on, boost their efficiency, learn new things. But I’ve had problems with node modules with a .tsx project I cloned from github. Not only is the environment different, the extensions and types ( I don’t even know what they do) and the syntax differences all mess with my JavaScript experience, and be sure that if I thought that yes, indeed I’d like something like that in my web development I would surely take it up. But not once has it crossed my mind and I think that it’s just not necessary for this type of programming. I can see it being used in some high-end financial applications that warrant consistency and security, but for the JavaScript stuff, you really don’t need TypeScript, just because it’s TypeScript, but you use it as JavaScript… Uh!! Grinds my gears. – by /hq/sunny_lts – –

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