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  • Can’t believe how far behind I am.

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  • Charles

    October 30, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    I operate a creative service based small business which I started myself almost 2 years ago. Back then, I would have been begging for more clients and work. Fast forward to today and I’m buried with a ~3 month backlog and insurmountable anxiety. Until now, I’ve operated myself handling literally every aspect of my business on my own. I’ve recently hired a few contractors but am finding that they are sometimes more trouble than they are worth since there is so much time involved in training them or redoing tasks that they were unable to complete up to the standard I’ve set forth for my clients. They are also costing me money and I’m having to redo a lot of work. This is just an experience based niche and I cannot find anyone local that has any. I’m really struggling with this and there are honestly days where I’m ready to give up on my business because it is constant stress and is destroying my life. I always wanted to make six figures on my own steam but now that I’ve done it, I seriously miss making $40k a year for 1/100th of the responsibility. Does anyone have any suggestions with how to deal with this backlog? So far, hiring help hasn’t been enough and has been incredibly difficult because I’m in such a specialty niche. I’ve also considered turning away work but that creates another huge issue because most of my clients will not come back to me if I turn them away. Basically, I either say yes or lose them. I’ve already lost a number of them permanently by telling them I’m too backed up to work with them right now. I’m really struggling here and need a hail mary. Anyone else been here? Would be great to know I’m not alone. Didn’t think scaling my business would be this difficult and somehow thought I could keep things in my comfort zone indefinitely. It seems I either have to grow or perish now. – by hq overview equinox-ps – –

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