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  • CASE STUDY – Following /u/PhilReddit7’s Method (12 Month Update) – Target Reached!

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  • Chris

    August 26, 2021 at 8:48 am

    Hello r/juststart. This is a follow-up from my first update experimenting with u/Philhq overview7’s low-comp, avalanche-like strategy. You can read that first post here. Now that I’ve hit the goal (more on this later), I most likely won’t update this case study. At least not on this platform. That said, I feel I do owe this update to a couple of interested users here, namely u/SmutProfit, u/OverFlow10, u/Jesse-NicheInformer, u/LopsidedNinja, and u/meme_echos (RIP), well as the numerous guys I spoke with from this community, first getting started. Thanks all! This case study has evolved from Phil’s method over time, especially after following along with the likes of u/shaunmarrs, Morten (Passive Income Geek), Chris (NicheSafari), and various others, etc. Community-wise I mostly speak with people in the space via Whatsapp, Discord and lurk on a couple of forums (my absolute favorite being BuSo). I’ll preface this update the same way I did last time… I started my first affiliate/niche site back in early August 2020 under the guidance and tutelage of u/Philhq overview7. I’m not new to starting websites (I made decent coin back in the day building out PBN’s). Phil has been very helpful every step of the process, however – and instrumental because I’d never built out a “legit” traffic site monetized by display ads/affiliate links before. My starting goal has been to simply try and replicate Phil’s success; i.e try and get up to $1K p/m within 12 months. TL;DR – Achieved! Oh and on a near-zero budget outlay (minus hosting and domain costs). ——————————————————————————— Here are the stats: If you’re new to Phil’s strategy – I’m just writing SEO-focused content targeting low-comp informational keywords. Look at his case studies (or website) if you want to know about the methodology. ​ Month # Articles # Pageviews Ezoic $ Mediavine $ AdSense $ Affiliate $ Total $ Aug 27 3000 0 0 0 0 Sep 31 1997 0 0 0 0 Oct 11 4313 0 0 0 0 Nov 61 4583 0 0 0 0 Dec 14 8446 0 0 1 1 Jan 10 13,935 0 20 2 22 Feb 34 19,078 201.83 0 4 205.83 March 14 30,000 331 0 20 351 April 30 36,070 318.37 0 11.21 329.58 May 15 56,994 914.41 0 13.41 927.82 June 0 61,893 871.93 0 41.78 913.71 July 7 70,825 493.53 1,186 0 76.47 1756.02 Totals: 254 311,134 3131.07 1,186 20 162.87 4506.96 Pageviews are total (not unique) Average traffic is 66% U.S. Average repeat visits 13.6%. 93.1% plus organic traffic. Average word count: 1,200 Joined Ezoic Premium in early May Joined Mediavine mid-July Costs: Only hosting and domain costs. All articles are written by myself (except one experimental outsourced post done for free) Ezoic mugged me off for the longest time. Closest I could get on them was in Feb 2021. Took down Adsense after that as the site looked horrible. Made the switch to Mediavine in mid-July. ——————————————————————————— Things I’ve done a little differently: – Increased my av. word count – Built links (100% whitehat via HARO) Lessons Learned: – Patience is everything: don’t go into this model if you’re faint of heart/dependent on immediate cash flow. You will give up and quit. – Scaling is the hard part: taking this site to the next level is all about reproducing myself and effectively taking my writing labor out of the business. Yes, it’s obvious and yes it’s scary. But it is the only way to take this to the next level and I need to overcome the resistance. – Not investing back into the business is borderline retarded. – I aimed way too low. Far, far too low. Like the guys over at BuSo say, you need to go all in and aim big. $1K p/m is chump change in relation to what’s possible. Don’t set limits on yourself. – Creativity is everything: always be testing. Things I’m happy about: – Hitting (and going beyond) the site’s initial goals. – Met a LOT of cool people: Some absolute ballers who’ve helped show me what’s actually possible. Things that worry me: – My addiction to checking analytics and earnings and cursing the lack/slow progress. And a general addiction to low ROI stuff like checking forums, Discord, etc. You need to be executing. – Competitors. Now I’ve grown into authority I’ve got some really big players rubbing up against me. Pressure is getting to me. – Affiliate earnings. I’m leaving money all over the table. Things I’d love feedback and help on: – WTF should I do now? – Should I sell and build again? – Should I create a course? Lulz 😉 And finally, to conclude: As the esteemed PhilA says; this is just one way to build a site. It’s (probably) the lowest risk, requires next to no budget, and decent graft, but anyone with a hard-nosed attitude for continually learning and improving can do it. – by /hq/willpe8ch – –

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