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  • Chance me for UCLA, UCB, Ivies, Canadian unis : chanceme

     Arianna updated 2 years, 9 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Arianna

    December 28, 2019 at 6:49 am

    Demographics: Indian male, small highschool in India (approx 100 students)

    Intended major: CS + Economics (BA double major or BA + BS)

    SAT/SAT II: 1470 (680 RW/790 Math) superscore 1490 (700 RW/790 Math) Math L2: 800 Physics: 800

    Coursework: 9 IGCSEs (7As/2As) A: Intl. Maths, CS, Physics, Chemistry, Business Studies, Economics, English lit A: French, English language

    9th grade 2A*, 3As, 3Bs, 1C (screwed up ik)

    IB Diploma HL: Maths, physics, CS SL: Eco, french B, English A L&L

    11th grade: 35/42 (have a knack of screwing up my first years, will universities notice this as a positive thing considering I screwed up in 9th but performed significantly better in 10th)

    Predicted: 40/42 (766 HL/ 766 SL)

    Awards: Runners-Up, Film Fly Experience Australia (an international competition for south-asian countries organized by the Australian Government, the winner won a fully sponsored educational trip to Australia) Participated along with a teammate

    5th Rank, National Aerolympics Represented school team along (team of 3) Selective competition – had to submit a project report on the topic “indian space explorations”, top 20 teams invited to Bangalore to participate Consisted of various events ranging from acting to model making to quizes Got the opportunity to see the Chandraayan 2 spacecrafts and interact with senior ISRO scientists (wrote an essay on this opportunity)

    Chairman’s award – topper IGCSE board exams Got a Rs. 50,000 scholarship

    Won several inter-school squash tournaments

    ECs: Weightlifter (5hrs/week)

    Squash (state level)

    Personal project – created a crypto mining rig, earned (little) money each month for 2 years

    Avid photographer/filmmaker – spent the summers of 9th and 10th grade at a local university working with college profs and students in learning to make films (kind of a summer camp)

    Head of school event management team – brought in sponsorships, responsible for filming the events

    Interned at a local toy store – carried out market research. Surveyed close to 150 ppl frequenting the store. Used Python (data science) to analyze collected data and prepared reports to aid store decision making.

    Oxford summer course in CS (organized by oxford alumini in India)

    VC of sports – student council Have been teaching a batch of 20 kids of grade 9 English and maths for the past one and a half year

    Created a website (extension of our school Intranet) to upload notes I collected from my friends and my personal notes along with any worksheets, past exam papers and other resources to help juniors

    Developed an Java application for squash coach to help organize match scorecards and track player performance

    Essays/LORS: I think they are fairly decent, have received positive feedback from English teachers, peers on my essays Got my LORs written from teachers who have known me for more than 5 years

    Schools: RD – UPenn Cornell Dartmouth UIUC NYU Indiana UCLA UCB USC

    Applied to UBC, U of T, Waterloo and McGill

    I have been procrastinating quite a bit on my apps recently and have been pretty low on confidence after reading several other mind boggling chance me posts.

    Honest feedback plss Thankss

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