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  • Checking a few things on putting multi-user, git-push-to-deploy, web server together for students

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  • Maverick

    October 30, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    Hi all. I’m cluey enough to do all of this for a single user in a more secure way, but I’m trying to set this up for students in my highschool to use, and the multi-user part is stuffing me up when trying to make this as simple as possible at the student side. I want to run a web server for students to put their own static (or potentially even more complicated later, but we’ll start static) websites on via git-push. Importantly, every student needs to not be able to affect others work. I want to access them all at IP/studentName/index.htm We’re going to be using VS code to dev with and locally preview. I know how to make a push-to-deploy site for just a single user, where’ I’m admin on all machines involved. But I want the students thoroughly locked out other than pushing their site up. I want their workflow to be Write HTML/CSS. Check live preview. Check local preview. Commit+Push. Check remote site. My current theory/plan is that I’ll need to have a separate repo for each student. As far as I can tell, that’s a given and has to happen. I’ve never done multi-user git, so I’m not entirely sure how to add each student to their own repo. Or can I get them to create a remote repo somehow? I’m guessing that since I’m putting them in individual student folders, it’s probably just easier for me to set up the many repos. Then, assuming each repo location is a studentName folder under /var/www, there should be a folder for each student there, and the above URI would work. I’m also assuming running a couple dozen repos like this won’t be a huge issue. The server is Ubuntu 16.04, the dev computers are all Win 10 using VS Code and its git integration. This means SSH keys might be more difficult to use, given the locked down nature of school computers, although I’ll be testing that this weekend. Is this mostly right? Run a git server Run a webserver hosting the /www directory Create a folder in /www for each /www/StudentName Create a repo in each /StudentName. This can’t be a bare repo, it’s a staged one. this seems like a better/more correct method to get the site from git to the /www Add each individual student to their own repo? Get each student on their own pc and VS code to add the remote. Anything they push will end up in the servers directory and thus be on the website? I understand that this means the repo itself will also be “visible” to those accessing the webserver, but that’s not a major concern. Server is heavily firewalled from outside. – by hq overview mrbaggins – –

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