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Forums Forums Business Choosing beggar calls the cops when we wouldn’t return her hair straightener…cause we were going out of business. : ChoosingBeggars

  • Choosing beggar calls the cops when we wouldn’t return her hair straightener…cause we were going out of business. : ChoosingBeggars

     Arianna updated 4 weeks, 1 day ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Arianna

    January 28, 2020 at 10:04 am

    Buckle up guys this is a pretty long and wild one. So this happened a while ago, when I lived in Hawaii. Some backstory: I worked as a receptionist at a hair salon in the biggest mall on Oahu and monthly rent for the store was about $8k. So eventually the company just kinda folded, and we had a going out of business sale. On the very last day, we had two workers, the manager and the regional manager in the store to help. Everyone who came in to buy got told we were closing, all sales were final, and they got their receipt stamped with a big red “no returns all sales final” stamp. So, enter the choosing beggar.

    Cast: me, M=regional manager, and CB-choosing beggar and RP-random person the CB dragged into this, and HPD-the police officers.

    So CB wanders into the store and kinda looks around a little, makes a couple loops around (it wasn’t a big store, like there were maybe size big shelves and the receptionist desk) and then kinda wanders aimlessly to the back, where the M is sorting through product to make more markdowns. CB asks to look at the flat irons and curlers. So M tells her that she’s happy to help, she’ll even take a few out of the boxes and let her test them since we’re going out of business and there won’t be any returns, so she wants to make sure she has the exact thing she wants. Now I’m checking other people out about five feet away, and I can hear and see them. M spends a good thirty to forty minutes and repeatedly tells her that there will be no returns. She must have felt like this lady was going to cause trouble, because when CB has finally picked a straightener out, M checked her out herself but had me standing by to watch.

    So while she’s doing the transaction, M tells CB one more time that this is final sale, we won’t accept any returns and we’re going out of business. CB agreed, M finishes the transaction, takes the receipt and stamps it with FINAL SALE NO RETURNS ACCEPTED and circles it. CB walks out of the store, apparently happy.

    Fast forward to about an hour later, and RP wanders in, starts asking me about the sale and if it really is no returns. Now, I’d been working at this mall for a little, and I recognized this woman. She worked at one of the small mobile kiosks that sold the over priced ceramic hair straighteners. So I wondered why she was in here asking about hair straighteners, when she suddenly goes “well I have a friend who just bought a straightener and she’s not happy with it and wants to return it”. I explained again that we couldn’t accept returns, that the store would literally be closed the next day and we were going out of business. RP looked a bit deflated and goes “well she’s not really my friend, I work at this kiosk and she came by and said you guys were being really mean and wouldn’t let her return the straightener”

    So at this point M hears this and realizes it was CB she was talking about, and comes over to explain that she spent nearly an hour helping this woman and told her several times it was final sale. So RP wanders out…. and about fifteen minutes later CB wanders back in.

    CB: “I want to return this straightener”

    M: “I’m sorry but as I told you before all sales are final today”

    CB: “ I just bought it today, I still have the receipt” here she flashes the receipt with the FINAL SALE stamped on it “so you should be able to return it”

    M: “No I’m sorry, but I can’t do any returns today. All sales are final and it clearly says so on your receipt.”

    CB: “no that’s not fair you have to return it, that’s the law! On the back of the receipt it says I have thirty days for a full refund!”

    They go back and forth for a minute or two more, and then CB huffs our of the store, stands outside and makes a phone call. The M and I think nothing of it until two HPD officers show up and CB starts gesturing angrily towards us. HPD gust must’ve immediately realized what had happened, since she showed them the straightener and the receipt, but they came in to talk to the M anyways. At this point M is so angry and frustrated. M explained the situation, and HPD just shook their heads and went back outside. I left work shortly after that but they were still outside, with HPD lecturing her about calling the police over a hair straightener.

    TL:DR woman comes in on our closing day, manager spends nearly and hour helping her pick out a straightener and tells her multiple times it’s final sale, woman comes back hours later demanding to return the straightener and then calls the cops on us when manager would refund her money.

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