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  • Client ghosted me for 8.5k, how do i get it from him?

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  • Charles

    October 31, 2019 at 8:47 am

    Hey, title says it. I do digital marketing. I had a client sign a 3 month digital contract (which tracked his IP address at signing). We worked for the client for 2 months before we realized he wasnt going to pay us. He has ignored all forms of communication with us. I have an address, & phone number of the guy, as well as his company name and personal name. So magic question: How do i get that money. I already learned my lesson about demanding payment upfront so dont worry about that, now i need to learn how to collect. I’ve sent him to collections, who says their strategy is to harrass him with mail and phone calls (this will fail, he’s ghosting them too). They said litigation is an option but it will cost me up front. To be honest i dont care about the money at this point, if i have to hire a lawyer and it costs me as much as i can sue the guy for im happy. I need to make an example of this situation so i know it can never happen again. What do i do? – by hq overview Necroking695 – –

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