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  • Collecting money from hosting sounds too good to be true

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  • Maverick

    October 28, 2019 at 8:03 am

    Everyone here says that hosting is too much work, responsibility, and a headache to deal with. But let’s say you’ve made and are now hosting 20 websites, charging $100/website/month. That’s $2k/month in your pocket. Yes, you’ll essentially be on-call for any updates and problems, but $2k/month is enough to live almost anywhere in the world, and enough time for you to grow the business (such as developing tools that your already-paying customers could use). Now, couldn’t you outsource most of the development work and just focus on getting clients and hosting? It’d be extremely tedious at first but after awhile you’d have enough traction to automate the process more and more. Streamline your own process of recruiting clients, designing, developing, hosting, monitoring, and maintaining websites. Once you have enough revenue, you can afford to hire help, making your businesses almost self-sufficient. I already know full stack web development, UI/UX design, docker, kubernetes, Jenkins CI/CD pipelines and JIRA and Bitbucket workflow. Am I missing something? Sounds too easy. – by hq overview 84935 – –

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