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  • David

    October 27, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    As a design thinking practitioner, I’m a big advocate of the “explain it to me like I’m 5” / beginner’s mind approach. I was a consultant for years and have always done well asking lots of questions, especially as an outsider. This was something my clients explicitly valued and thanked me for. It’s a principle I value and emphasize when I teach students. Unfortunately, a common fear in the start-up world is that if you ask questions, it makes it look like you don’t know your stuff and you won’t be able to sell you product. So (especially for an early-stage startup) any new potential customer you can interview becomes a “sales” prospect, and this seems to rule out interviewing them for the things you need to build a better product. It then involves “industry advisers” and other “user proxies”. It’s makes it difficult to practice design thinking or any truly collaborative user-centered method. My opinion is it’s about framing. A vacuum salesman who doesn’t know about vacuums is not the same as an engineer bringing design and technical skill to co-create a product with its direct beneficiaries. How do you balance research/learning with sales when you’re a startup? Do you know any good case studies or books on the subject? Something that shows it CAN be done through close and fearless collaboration. – by hq overview vladmalik – –

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