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Forums Forums Business Compensating for mileage — an employee who was remote to start working in person 1-2 days a week?

  • Compensating for mileage — an employee who was remote to start working in person 1-2 days a week?

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  • Katie

    July 12, 2022 at 9:53 pm

    So my business is moving from a remote location to in person, and my employee handles a lot of stuff that can be kept remote (admin). However, she wants more hours, and I will have more need for in-person work as we move into a brand new location. Our business also gives in-person and virtual events. She gives some of these events and to date they’ve all been hosted from her home, but when we get this new location, giving the events from there will be ideal. I suppose she can still give them from her home, the only reason perhaps not it for brand consistency and being able to Give a consistent quality of using the dedicated set. Today we met in person at the new location. She asked if I could work something out for compensating for mileage and I told her I could figure something out. I asked if it were for events or coming to work at the studio, and she said she’d leave that up to me but more or less wanted to put this on my radar bc gas is so expensive. I told her I understood. What are your thoughts? Off the bat I think I should a) ask my accountant any details and guidelines and b) maybe ask my payroll rep the same, and then c) I don’t think I should pay her for coming to the new location. Like I won’t be paying any new employees for their travel time to work. I guess I was thinking, I calculated, it’s 17 miles from her house to our location. Should I offer to compensate her if the trip is longer than that? And do I pay her hourly rate or mileage? The 64 cents a mile or whatever that is now in the US? Thanks for any input. This is my first employee so if any of this is obvious I definitely appreciate you not mocking me… if possible! Ha. – by /hq/butwhatififly_ – –

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