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  • Contact Senior directly instead of Hiring Manager?

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  • Maverick

    October 25, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    So there is this company. Field, location, product, while not knowing the actual working conditions – it’s everything I have dreamed about when I decided to go for IT in 9th grade about 9 years ago. Now I’m a middle developer with what I think is a considerable set of skills used in production, good general knowledge of Computer Science and a MASSIVE passion for the field of the company. Last Friday I’ve noticed a two-weeks old job opening with like ‘I’m literally the guy in the pic’ requirements, but it had also required a CV, Cover Letter, Recent and Relevant code Example, and a demo. Of which I only had a CV in a foreign to the company language. So I set out to make said code example (along with everything else of course). And then, this very Monday, the job opening was gone. But uh-uh! I couldn’t give up, not like this. So, whilst continue to work on my current full-time job I have also kept going with the code example project and I’m nearly done. At first, I hoped that they took it down for a few days to process all the applications they have already received but at the moment of writing this it has not yet reappeared. And my current fear that if I send all of it trough HR I will not even be looked at in case they have already hired someone. So I’ve managed to locate some Senior Dev from the department that this job opening was for (presumably) and I wonder would it be okay if I send a CV and the project over to them instead of HR. Or is it too bald? Dear Seniors of this sub, how would you react if someone had contacted you in the same circumstances? – by hq overview Nathan22177 – –

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