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  • #CopyShortcuts ULTIMATE GUIDE: How to go from $ZERO to SIX FIGURES in just TEN YEARS

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  • Trent

    August 25, 2021 at 11:33 am

    Let’s face it — you didn’t have a plan for your career. Maybe you thought you’d be an actor, or that Dad could get you a job at the family company one day. But acting doesn’t pay, and working takes work. You’re not dumb enough to want to work for a living! So instead, you Googled. You searched “Get rich quick” like any rational modern adult would, and the search engine told you something that clicked instantly: You can be a copywriter. Ah yes, the prestigious profession of the mad-man, ad-man/woman. Wouldn’t it be great to make serious bank selling ideas to people? Write a few words, throw in some CTAs, and cha-ching… you now have enough money to drown your childhood trauma in the finest hard liquors. The problem? You failed English three years in a row, you’ve got the charisma of a tugboat, and the only thing you know about a “portfolio” is you think it’s that dessert where you layer yogurt with granola and fruit to make a tasty (yet healthy!) treat. But, you’re motivated, kinda. You’re smart… enough. You don’t have a lot of morals or standards. You have all the core tools lined up, so you’re ready to start your journey to making an arbitrarily large sum of money! So today, I’ll explain the two paths for making it a reality. ​ OPTION 1: The Guaranteed Method I’m just going to come out and say it: This is the sure-shot method for alpha- (and sigma) types who aren’t interested in throwing away their lives doing things like taking classes or getting on-the-job experience or ever really exposing themselves to any kind of negative “constructive” feedback along the way. This is the winner’s route that is guaranteed to make you rich, even if English is your fourth language or you’ve never seen or heard of any of the products you’re selling. Here it goes: Go back to Google and search “Copywriting course fast guaranteed cheap” Click on whatever comes up first. Yes, technically it’s an ad, and yes, technically a copywriter selling courses is a super-skilled marketer who can pitch the idea of get-rich copywriting courses to almost anyone and flip mid-tier content they possibly stole with shrewd packaging for a cheap buck. But it’s the first Google result so I mean, you have to click it. Do whatever the course says, and maybe copy some sales letters you found on hq overview. Just find ten to twenty lucrative, steady clients who are willing to repeatedly hire you over the hundreds of thousands of other agencies, freelance copywriters, and marketing consultants out there. Aim to charge somewhere between $5,000 to $300k per project. Go big or go home. That’s it — you’ve made it! Now I know what you’re thinking — “It can’t be that easy.” But you’re wrong, it is. You see, multiple hq overviewors have amassed millions of dollars doing this, and since they have the most upvotes on a 40,000 person subhq overview, they probably represent the majority of successful copywriters worldwide. If you can’t make this simple four-step process work for you, it’s probably because you didn’t pay enough for the bonus course content! ​ OPTION 2: The Risky Method Nobody Should Do Now if you’re super stupid and do not want to get rich THIS YEAR, we have an alternate method for you. The problem with this method, other than it taking more than zero years to reach six-figures of income, is that it also requires stuff like planning and networking and possibly even talking to other people who might tell you stuff that’s not 100% affirming and validating. Basically, don’t do this plan. I’m just including it because technically it can get you to six figures. And technically this worked for me and a few million other people. You shouldn’t do the work to settle for “really good” when you can instead climb the pyramid to “copy god.” Have you really made it if you can’t sum up your success in a single headline that also sells ebooks? Anyway, here’s the crappier, ten-year plan: Seriously consider your existing strengths as a writer, as a thinker, and as an idea person. Do you have a knack for persuading others? Do friends ask you for help naming their rec sports teams? Do you sometimes write jingles and commercials for fictional products for fun? Study up on the core principles of marketing, advertising, branding, selling, and design. What makes a compelling offer? How do you identify audiences, and what’s a sales funnel? What are the most successful ad campaigns of all time, and why did they work? What are the trends driving successful advertising and marketing forward in 2021? Build a plan to build your portfolio. Since you opted out of guaranteed millions, you’ll need to “prove” yourself by showing off ideas in a book. Idiot. But now you’re on this path. Figure out if you will want to do something like attend a portfolio school, or if you can build one as part of a larger 4-year degree in advertising, marketing, or graphic design. Alternatively, start building a strategy for a speculative portfolio, including a wide array of ads and content pieces that can be trimmed down/tailor-fit to a specific job you apply to later. Try to get a few simple clients to kick things off. Even if you’re foolishly chasing “a full time job at a prestigious ad agency,” you should consider picking up some real-world clients, just to prove you can succeed under real pressure, real budgets, and real constraints… with real goals. This is the part where UpWork, Fiverr, etc. come into play. But you can also volunteer services for free, or super cheap. See if local businesses will take you up on it. If not, possibly non-profits like churches, animal rescues, etc., that need marketing help but don’t have much money to pay for it. Land a junior-level copywriting job. This is admittedly a lot harder than most of the other steps. If you took the portfolio school or 4-year route, your best bet is an internship that you should be planning out for a while. If you didn’t, you’re gonna need a very good book and a lot of moxy. Don’t rule out stuff like applying to mid-level positions, where you tell recruiters you can put out better quality at a lower rate. Hell, I’ve walked into agencies with a case of beer and other bribes and just asked to speak to the creative director. This actually worked, twice. I didn’t get the job, but I got two, one-hour meetings that taught me a lot about what was and wasn’t working in my spec portfolio. Work your way up to Senior Copywriter. It will probably take a year or two to get to mid-level from junior, and another 2-3 years up to senior. It could be longer. Climbing this ladder will mean honing your craft, showing up with great ideas, and learning how to work with design partners closely to bring great ideas to life. Work on your presentation skills to win pitches and sell concepts. Depending on your location and skills, you could already be at six figures here already! Make bank at ACD/CD levels, or freelance An ACD or CD level job will almost certainly pay “top rate” almost anywhere, and it only takes seven to fifteen years to achieve! Or use your considerable portfolio, network, and skills to sell your freelance services at $100, $200, or $300+ an hour. At this point, it’s just a matter of what you want to do, where you want to work, and what kind of lifestyle you’re looking for. And if things fall through somewhere between steps 6 and 7, you can lean on your book and your newly formed network of account, design, development, and marketing colleagues to help connect you with new opportunities, freelance or full-time. SUMMARY Well, you’ve seen the options… what are you waiting for? Go to Google now and GET GUARANTEED RICH THIS YEAR THIS IS YOUR YEAR YOU CAN DO THIS EDUCATION IS FOR SUCKERS YOU CAN OWN A BOAT THIS TIME IN 2022 GO GO GO – by /hq/UnknownSuperstar – –

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